Informations about Project Mind-Control


12.10.2017 - The science of spying: how the CIA secretly recruits academics

In order to tempt nuclear scientists from countries such as Iran or North Korea to defect, US spy agencies routinely send agents to academic conferences – or even host their own fake ones.In perhaps its most audacious and elaborate incursion into academia, the CIA has secretly spent millions of dollars staging scientific conferences around the world. Its purpose was to lure Iranian nuclear scientists out of their homeland and into an accessible setting, where its intelligence officers could approach them individually and press them to defect.


30.09.2017 - REPORT: NSA Data Mining Project Working To Read Brain Waves

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may have disappeared from his upscale hotel in China, but the fallout continues from his shocking data mining allegations. Snowden maintains he worked as a security guard for a NSA “cover facility” at the University of Maryland. The federal agency does reportedly have some type of relationship with the college. One of the alleged secret surveillance projects ongoing at the University of Maryland supposedly includes a mind reading program.


30.09.2017 - Our Brains Will Be Hacked, Tracked and Data-Mined

Raw brainwave data used for neurogaming could be tapped to get a detailed read-out of your private thoughts. Gadgets that read your brainwaves are reaching the consumer market. What then?

In the near future, companies, hell even the NSA, could be mining our brainwaves for data. It’s bad enough the private details about our lives that are revealed in hoovered up emails and phone calls; imagine if Big Brother was literally reading our minds? That’s some dystopian shit.


30.09.2017 - The Deep State's New Way Of Watching You

New York's public transportation system has come under fire for spending a whopping $100 million on mysterious metal towers that have popped up at the entrances of tunnels as many New Yorkers remain surprised over how they work.