Informations about Project Mind-Control

Advice for Victims


Using family members and close friends is one way that the government try to cause the Targeted Individual to not trust anyone. The game is deception and it is use to get family members and close friends to believe that they are helping targeted individual but what is really happening is that they are being manipulated to commit a crime and get their hands dirty so they can never come forward to testify because they will be charge with a crime. The real reason is the experimentation that is taking place with micro wave, EMF, LFW, Remote Neural Monitoring, Silent Sound Technology, Voice to skull and Psychological Operations on the targeted individual. Look up conspiracy of right and you will understand the psyops, it is being done to silence the target for exposing these crimes.

This is the standard advice I give to all first time contacts...

Aside from any localised gang stalking you may be experiencing (which could be organised by anyone from local companies / councils right up to the CIA itself), you are in a mobile electronic concentration camp wherein the CIA / NSA will torture, experiment and apply eugenic principals to prevent you procreating on the basis of bogus National Security laws and psych' assessments that basically say those not accepting gov't lies or doubting rich criminals must be in need of adjustment (but really just to manage, neutralise and neuter them). Many know. We are working on exposing it. They do this and anything they like to anyone they dislike. "They" are the shadow gov't, the deep state and they use agency goons with top level clearances and no accountability.

The most any of us can do for each other is to provide advice and moral support where we can. Firstly, the average victim profile is as follows:

  • A person who's made enemies amongst the criminal elite through writings, opinions, personal contact / relationship etc. It can come about by simply having / making contact with someone who is themselves monitored / targeted.

  • The targets chosen are usually religious and forthright. They also have minds of their own and cannot be easily corrupted.

  • CIA, NSA experiments in mind control are conducted on the targets with varying success.

  • Targeted persons usually wind up alone, impoverished and discredited in some way. This is so they have no support, no means of combating this or spreading the truth and will not be believed even if they do.

NB This is how evil thrives in an era of high tech' where crime could easily be wiped out completely using the same technologies used to silence us. Instead of stopping crime the corrupt elements of the agencies foster it and silence the critics of any high level crimes (eg. war / drugs / corruption etc) which generate income and provide "control" of peoples' hearts and minds and (ultimately) their souls.

They only kill direct threats... Eg. A telecommunications technician, a politician, a spy, a soldier, a scientist, a journalist etc that tries to blow the whistle in public on something they don't want revealed. Such people have inside knowledge and will be believed. Others have no direct inside knowledge, no authority and speak only from second hand knowledge with very small audiences. Therefore, we are no real threat and so are not killed. That doesn't mean they won't try to make life miserable for you but I've discovered (and recommend) the following course of action:

  • Pray often and try to ignore them. (They thrive on you biting back).

  • Try to find work that will sustain you but not provide you with more than you need. (They get skiddish when victims accumulate assets).

  • Socialise but mention your plight to no-one unless you know someone who is intelligent AND totally honest AND courageous enough to want the truth and can accept it. (They want you isolated. Like any criminals/animals they prefer to corner you on your own).

  • Don't take foolish risks but don't live in fear either. This may shave a few years off your life but look at it as a spiritual test, one of life's challenges and a chance to spread the truth they've revealed by their crimes against you AND also a chance to help other victims. There are millions worldwide affected by these crimes. You are not alone in your suffering.